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Things to Remember When Taking Antacid

18 Mar 2017

An antacid is a known medication that is commonly used in heartburn, ingestion or when your stomach is acting weird again that it the acids inside it are reacting in a way that it shouldn’t be. Most of the antacid that is available in the market can be bought over the counter but it would be better if it has a doctor’s prescription in it so that you would feel rest assured that it is really indicated for you to take and it is safe to take as well. But before anything else, it is a must that you should know the things that you should remember before taking an antacid and you will learn that from this article. Click here to know more about this antacid.

Some antacid can cause diarrhea and constipation

Since not all people have the same body and how it reacts to a certain medication, there are unfortunately some side effects that you have to take note and observe so that you will know if it is something to be worried about like antacids are common can cause diarrhea or constipation to a person. But if your bowel movement is more than the normal average count and you feel muscle weakness then it is highly suggested that you should see immediately a doctor so that you can prevent any unwanted or even life-threatening effects from your body.

Antacid, by the way, is a helpful medication and it is widely used by a lot of people in order to protect the mucous lining of our stomach and thus it will prevent gastric ulcer to trigger. It can give you immediate relief from burning pain in your stomach but it can never kill the bacteria behind ulcers which are the H. pylori. Also, another thing to remember is that when you are taking an antacid, make sure that you don’t take any gastric irritant such as coffee or anything that can promote hyper secretion of acids from the stomach because taking an antacid with it will only be useless and you don’t want to feel any discomforts about it.